Ottawa Basement Finishing CompanyWe realize that many homeowners do not have the knowledge of the building code to make sure their contractor adheres to the rules. Many contractors will say "You don't need a permit for that" but the truth is, you need a permit if there is any demolition or construction taking place. As well, if there are any electrical modifications or alterations made, you definitely need an electrical permit. If anybody other than the City or the Electrical Safety Authority(ESA) says "You don't need a permit", beware. We strongly believe that permits should be acquired for all renovations. The reason for this is that you are making a big investment in your home and it is nice to be able to sleep at night knowing that it is being done the right way. At C-More, we have nothing to hide in any of our work and welcome Inspections by City Inspectors or even your friends and family.

Electrical permits

Electrical permits are issued by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and will be obtained by our Licenced Electricians and we can provide you with the permit number.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Obtaining a Building permit is a rather easy process for the homeowner. All you need to do is bring your plans to a City office (Palladium Drive in Kanata) and you will receive a permit usually in about 10 days. At C-More we can provide you with the plans needed for your permit application as part of our services to you.

But Permits will raise my property taxes!

We were recently contracted to complete a basement renovation in Kanata that was abandoned by the previous contractor due to illegal wiring that was found by the homeowner. The previous contractor told the homeowner that there was an ESA permit and all inspections had passed. The truth of the matter was it was all a lie and this person is now being charged by the ESA for "endangering human life" due to his negligence. These were not trivial problems that the ESA found but rather issues that could have caused loss of life. When we first entered this basement, it was nearing completion. The ESA had told the homeowner to expose all of the basement wiring within 30 days or have the hydro to his home disconnected. To accomplish this, we needed to remove most of the drywall in the basement and while doing this found many other code violations. There was improper plumbing, building code violations and more illegal wiring. We were forced to tear out a completed bathroom to open up the cement floor to inspect the underground plumbing because other visible items seen by the plumbing inspector showed deficiencies and a toilet that backs up for the rest of your life is not what you want in a finished basement. If this project would have had Building and Electrical permits, these issues would have been caught and corrected before it ever got to the point of finishing this basement twice within six months. Building permits and inspections are there to protect you from unscrupulous contractors whom have no regard for you or your families safety.


We offer a One year wall to wall warranty on all work performed.


At C-More Construction we carry Two Million Dollars of Contractors Insurance with the Co-Operators and are more than happy to have our Agent supply you with a statement of our coverage. We realize your home is valuable and we carry insurance to protect you and your home.

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