• Do I need a Building Permit?

    The simple answer is Yes. In accordance with the City bylaws you need a permit for any demolition or construction that takes place on your property. At C-More we strongly believe in permits to protect you as a Homeowner. If you were up on all building codes and best practices you would most likely be doing your own home renovation. Like most people you are not and depend on a contractor to deal with all of these aspects of the renovation and trust them to do it right. At C-More we know doing it right is the only way to do it and we want you to be able to sleep at night knowing it has been done right. By having the City inspect the work, you can sleep at night knowing your home is safe.

  • My Contractor says I don't need a Building Permit

    If your contractor says you don’t need a Building Permit, RUN. This type of Contractor is either unaware of how easy it is to deal with the City and permits or is planning on violating building codes to save a few dollars on your renovation

  • Do I need a subfloor

    In most newer homes, the basement is very dry and a subfloor is not essential. That being said, a sub-floor makes for a softer surface as well as increasing the temperature by at least 3 degrees Celsius and guaranteeing a dry warm basement.

  • How easy is it to get a Building Permit?

    At C-More we provide you with all of the drawings and plans needed for your Building Permit Application as part of our free service to you.

  • How do I get a Building permit

    To apply for a Building Permit you must be a registered Designer or an Architect or a Homeowner. As this is the case, C-More will provide you with the plans necessary for you to apply for your Permit as a homeowner while saving thousands of dollars by not needing to acquire the services of an Architect.  

  • How do we deal with Payments

    At C-More we simply use a Payment Schedule that is tied into Milestones within the project. This way you can be assured the project is completed in a timely manner and you have never paid for work that has not been completed  

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